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Cloud Computing & Services

Our cloud based services provides the security and peace-of-mind that your IT systems will grow with you and be protected all-in-one. GEGERVISION’s cloud-based solutions is the place to start.

Our services are scalable and customizable to meet your exact needs, so why worry about your IT needs? You can now focus your efforts on more important things like growing your business and leave the details of how it all happens to us.

Partnering with GEGERVISION and utilizing our cloud services, you’ll get:

  • Cloud Collaboration – Participate in online meetings, share presentations, and access files safely and securely over the internet for increased productivity.
  • VoIP Telecommunications – Increase effectiveness and savings by using internet telecommunication services.
  • Cloud-Based Backup and Recovery – The most important systems and data essential to your business will be protected from disaster.
  • Software & Licensing – Never be out of compliance with software licenses and have access to them wherever you are whenever you need them. We support many different cloud SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) systems including Point-of-Sale and Hospitality systems.
  • Monitoring & Maintenance – With our cloud monitoring systems and software, we’ll know if a problem exists before you do.

Call GEGERVISION IT today to take the next step and get the best cloud solutions in the industry working for you.

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